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The XcelHub Process

Here at XcelHub, we have a two-pronged process. We can connect you with certified software companies, designers or developers from our carefully vetted network of talented professionals. Our certified software consultants can provide you with impartial software and platform recommendations that can help you achieve your operational or sales goals.

Expediting your website and tech needs.

Our experience facilitating software consulting and development projects is unparalleled here at XcelHub. Our proprietary database is comprised of top-tier, talented certified consultants, designers and software developers. Each of them brings to the table decades of digital expertise and experience working for some of the most well-known IT companies in the world. Our role here at XcelHub is that of a matchmaker. We connect you with our carefully vetted network of consultants and developer partners with the goal of helping you make the technology project you envisioned a reality. You can count on us to:

  • Fast-tracked vetting: Gain access to our carefully curated team of professional design consultants and well-experienced software developer partners.

  • Full-range development expertise: You can rely on our carefully-crafted IT partners' expertise in using hundreds of software and technology tools to help you achieve your goals and transform your business.

  • Quality control standards: We take time to carefully vet our IT partners to ensure they have the requisite knowledge and know-how to carry out the most complex development projects in a timely fashion while also staying within budget.

  • Customizable solutions: Whether you're looking for an IT consultant for strategic planning, a developer to build, customize, and integrate a tool, or maintenance, we offer any degree of support you're looking for.


Finding the right software for your project.

There's no shortage of companies claiming to have the software expertise necessary to complete your project. How do you know that they have the desired functionality to eliminate operational inefficiencies that hamper your brand's digital growth, though?

Our team at XcelHub understands what your software partner needs to have and sources only the best tools to handle your project. We accomplish this by:

  • Carefully vetting our network consultants and software partners to ensure high-level expertise around your needs.

  • Only sourcing your software partner among those listed in our extensive proprietary database.

  • Regularly performing quality control standard checks to ensure our partners remain current on their knowledge and nuances in the space and produce high-caliber work.


Matching you with a partner who can get your job done.

As someone who is looking for a software development partner, you may have discovered that there can be disparities between what a developer says they can do and their ability to actually make it happen. We take the guesswork out of the development process here at XcelHub by:

  • Initially spending time refining your project goal with you to understand your goals.

  • Having any prospective developer partner candidates review project spec documents for clarity of purpose and competency to carry it out.

  • Presenting a whittled-down list of ideal developer partners capable of completing your project competently, on budget, and on time.

  • Drafting a contract with details about the scope of your project, completion timelines, and pricing so that your development partner can initiate your project work.


Bringing your project goals to fruition.

Your decision to have us help you find a software consultant or developer doesn't end with the selection of a partner. You can expect the team you select to:

  • Identify any obstacles encountered during the development process and solutions for addressing them.

  • Share plans for facilitating the transfer/site integration of your newly developed tool to your in-house team.

  • Identify a launch date and training leading up to it.


Here for you every step of the way.

Your development team’s relationship with you doesn't stop post-launch. You and your team can instead negotiate an arrangement whereby they’ll remain available to provide training, answer questions, and troubleshoot for a month or longer after your software project launches in case you need our assistance. Like many of our services, how long you and your team continues working closely together after that is up to you. Some longer-term engagement services include:

  • Recurrent dedicated software training sessions either provide a general overview or instruction focused on department-specific best practices and uses.

  • Part or full-time maintenance services in which your team can aid you with tool troubleshooting.

  • Software consultations that allow you to continue to expand your technology in an easily integrated, scalable way.


Our partner database consists of an already expansive and ever-growing cadre of engineers, developers, and certified technicians geographically distributed in some of the busiest hubs worldwide.

Getting digital projects off the ground often proves challenging for companies who undertake such tasks on their own. Details often get lost in translation during the ideation, milestone setting, communication, and fine-tuning stages. You can count on your dedicated account manager to be attentive to your needs every step of the way.

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How the XcelHub Process Works

The following are the four primary phases to your project engagement process with us here at XcelHub:


Software and Professionals

An account manager will delve a bit deeper into your needs and expectations, including timelines, technology, requirements and budgetary constraints.



We'll identify certified partners uniquely skilled to handle all aspects of your project, with the goal being on completing the project according to spec documents and within desired timeframes and budgets.


Partner Selection

We vetted 8,000 tools and professionals worldwide, and only 3% made the cut.


Contract Signing

89% of partners sign an agreement that spells out the scope of your project, completion date, and cost. Once signed, you'll work with your partner and get started on the project.

Your one stop shop for in-demand tech skills.

We can save you time and money by connecting you with our carefully curated team of IT talent for your software or web development project that may give you the extra edge on your competition that you've been looking for.